Sam Hammer is a professional surfer, born and raised in Lavallette, New Jersey. He has surfed for Billabong for 18 years and is currently sponsored by them as well as Dan Taylor surfboards, DVS, Dakine and VonZipper. He has spent his career traveling to surf some of the most amazing waves in the world and is often featured in Surfing, Surfer and Eastern Surf Magazine as well as on Hammer has also competed in various competitions over the years, including the ESPN X-Games and New Jersey Grudge Match. His expansive wave knowledge as well as understanding of weather patterns and swell make him one of the most notable surfers to come out of the East Coast.

At Hammer Surf School you have the opportunity to learn Sam Hammer's surfing method from him personally as well as his extremely talented staff, who are well versed in Sam’s specific teaching techniques and protocols.


We pride ourselves in our attention to detail. At Hammer Surf School, each group lesson is three hours long and you will spend nearly all of that time in the water. After a brief warm-up and tutorial (which can be customized and extended as needed), the group is broken up and assigned to various instructors (with a guaranteed 4:1 ratio), typically segmented by age or experience level so that you are always getting customized instruction.

As long as weather and surf conditions cooperate, we will stay in the water that entire time, taking a short break about midway through. This allows students to have water, a snack, etc. If for any reason that is not possible and we need to spend time on the sand, we then use it as a way to practice exercise drills that can help with strength and balance while surfing, or even ‘games’ that help students get more comfortable in the ocean.

We are a surf school—not a summer camp—and that is our key point of difference. We are here to teach and bring the love of surf to everyone. If you want to learn how to surf, fine tune your skill level or just have fun and pick up a hobby and better understand the ocean, what you will learn and walk away with from Hammer Surf School is unparalleled.